A lexis Papahatzis (b.1977, Athens) grew up in an artistic environment. From a very young age he would learn the art of theatre settings and screen printing from his father and help his mother in her ceramics workshop.
Later, he would pursue these two art forms, studying decoration at the Technical and Professional College and the Ceramic School of Nikaia (1992 -1994, Athens).
After completing his military service, his inspiration comes back and is expressed through his work with wood and metal and the first creations in jewellery take form.
His thirst for knowledge leads him to the Institute of Professional Training (Haidari) where he became a camera man. Attracted by the theatrical environment and lighting in particular, he undertakes theatrical illumination studies under the guidance of Michalis Bouris.

I n 2000 he meets Vassilis Athanassakis and the “Athenian Puppets”. Fascinated by puppets and more specifically with their embodiment, he attends seminars by Francisco Brito and takes part in a number of puppet plays and festivals both in Greece and overseas (places).
2001 is a landmark year for his artistic influence after meting Demetris Galanopoulos. An artist in his own right, he will become his guidance and teacher for for his jewellery making. From that time on, an artistic flourishing begins where windmills, ladders, bridges and cyclists in dream like landscapes start taking form. Each piece of jewellery captivating the imagination.
His art work has been showcased at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron Mousikis), at the Benaki Museum, at the Romilos Gallery as well as the annual exhibition of Modern Creations. Since 2013 he has established his workshop in Plaka (Athens), under the Acropolis, where one can see his playful and unique collection.

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